Guilty as a Mother

I don’t know about you but when something doesn’t go quite as planned it’s all my fault.

According to my kids and even sometimes my husband it’s all my fault! The laundry is dirty, it’s my fault. The laundry is clean and needs to be put away, also my fault. Dinner isn’t done the minute Axel is hungry, it’s my fault. Mia is cold even though I told her to grab a jacket, still my fault. See they tend to shove this into my head which has made me feel like well maybe I am failing them at x, y and z.

I am constantly trying to make the best decisions for my family and sometimes I don’t make the right one.

What if my kids aren’t as smart because I didn’t breastfeed? What if everyone thinks I don’t care about my family because we sometimes go to McDonald’s? What if people think I’m a bad mom because I’m so young?

The truth is, if I didn’t formula feed and go to McDonald’s every so often I would go crazy! With 3 kids and a husband that is away from home for work frequently, I need to make my life a little bit easier. If that makes me a bad Mom then so be it! Let me just add to the rude people who judge young moms, we are doing the best we can with the cards we’ve been dealt!

Mom’s just want to have fun!

Why is it that when us moms get ONE night out we feel so guilty afterwards? Like if we have ANY fun without our kids we feel terrible! We do everything for our familys; cook, clean, laundry, bathe, chauffeur and everything in between. Why wouldn’t we go and have a little fun every now and then?!

On the few occasions that I leave the house without my children I always end up feeling like I’m going to miss out on some monumental milestone in their life. It makes total sense that while I’m grocery shopping for a couple hours my kids are going to learn to ride a bike, do back flips, or take first steps right? No flipping way! So if I have those thoughts while I’m buying food to feed THEM, what makes me think I could spend a few hours away with friends or by myself doing something for myself? After a get a small break I feel like I have hit the reset button and I can kick my domestic duties butt! Maybe that’s the mom guilt that makes me kick it into gear or maybe we all need to have some time for ourselves.

Before kids you would never think twice about going to a bar or getting your nails done. Now what crosses my mind is I could use this money to do something with my family or what if Matt gets mad that I’m even spending money. There are better ways to use money, but that doesn’t mean that every once in a while we shouldn’t spend a little time and money on ourselves too!

Life is hard.

Listen, life is hard. Being a mom is hard! If we put all of our time and energy into our family we will eventually run out of steam and end up being sucky moms because we are so drained!

Moral of the story, take some time for you!

Don’t feel bad for going out with friends and having a few drinks. Or spending money on making yourself feel beautiful. Moms I need you to listen real closely to what I’m about to say next. You are enough! You are doing a killer job! You deserve it! I promise you, your kids will be okay.

6 Comments to “Guilty as a Mother”

  1. Mia says:

    Amen girl! It’s too easy to let that mommy guilt creep in! Thanks for the reminder

  2. Courtney says:

    This is so true.. I do not know how many times I have felt guilty for doing something for myself and most times I have gone without doing it because of that feeling. I love that you are blogging because a lot of moms think that they are the only ones who feel this way and it is great to know that we are not alone!

    1. Angela says:

      That was the whole reason I started, I felt alone and realized that other moms go through the same thing as me! I was shocked and thought there has to be other moms out there who feel this way.

  3. Alexandra says:

    EXACTLY how I feel!! I always feel bad if I buy myself something. But I need to remember I work my ass off, and I deserve something too! Thank you for the reminder xoxoxo

  4. Dawn says:

    You are an amazing mom and it’s good to see life outside of family sometimes, like with friends and cultivate those relationships too… like you said reset!

  5. Sharayah says:

    Too – Freaking – Relatable.

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