Mia & Tooth Fairy Magic

My sweet little baby lost her first tooth! It feels like yesterday her tooth just popped through and now it’s out with an adult tooth to replace it! Adult tooth!? Doesn’t that sound crazy for a 6 year old to have!? Mia’s adult tooth has been coming in for a couple months now. But it’s been growing behind the baby tooth, so it hasn’t been pushing the baby tooth out like it should.

Mia’s tooth has been pretty wiggly for a while and I have tied it to the front door twice but both times the look of panic crossed her face so we never closed the door. I tried to convince her to let me pull it out multiple times but she would never let me!

Mia’s tooth was hurting so bad to the point where she wouldn’t eat. The day she lost her tooth she had a smoothie for lunch and I have to cut up a corn dog for her dinner. The idea of an apple made her cry, literally. I tried to tell her that her mouth would feel so much better if she would let me pull it out but she was to scared. Which I totally get, the idea of a tooth coming out sounds a bit scary.

I bribed her with a Starbucks Frappuccino and cake pop, and it was still a no go! So I said okay, maybe it will come out tomorrow and put her to bed.

Around 11 pm Mia came running down stairs saying “mommy, I got my tooth out!” I was so excited for her, finally her tooth came out!!! I sat her up on the counter and checked out her new smile, and woah did she look big! I asked her “how did you get it out!?” And Mia said “mom, I got toilet paper and just pulled my tooth straight up!” That’s it!? All she had to do was pull it up? Well check out this tooth, the root of her tooth was just as long as the other half of it!

We cheered and were able to talk to Matt on the phone so she could tell him all about it. We had a dance party and celebrated! Mia tried to wake up Axel to show him but he was not interested at all, he was way to tired to care, but every time we have suggested pulling it out he was the first to say “do it!” Like stop being a baby Mia! We put her tooth in a pouch and placed it under her pillow. Now we wait for the tooth fairy!

Okay so now she’s in bed and I have planned to make this magical for her and be super extra with putting glitter glue on her money. Well being that it’s now 11:30 pm and glue takes some time to dry, I was up until 1 am waiting for it to dry. The tooth fairy brought her $5 covered in fairy dust! The tooth fairy will never bring $5 again, we’re balling on a budget so a dollar a tooth for now on.

In the morning Mia came running downstairs with money in hand, “Mommy, the tooth fairy came!” So excited and wanted to go to Starbucks ASAP! So we headed to Starbucks and got a Frappuccino and cake pop just like I promised!

She was the only kid in her kindergarten class who didn’t lose a tooth yet and she really wanted to lose one before first grade, and she did! I keep telling her to smile because she is so cute and looks so big! Mia no longer has baby fat and is now losing baby teeth!

Mia losing her first tooth made me realize how fast this season really is. So I’m trying to really soak it up and enjoy every moment of it!

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  1. Renee says:

    Oh yay for Mia…but man that makes me sad watching her grow up so fast
    Can’t wait to see her smile in person
    To you…. you’re such a great mom to make sure that toothfairy left plenty of fairy dust‍♀️

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