Mommy’s day out, with the kids

Mom’s day out always includes kids, unless you’re blessed with family help or a husband who is home all the time and willing to watch the children. If you have children you know that leaving the house is a struggle. If you don’t have kids I’m sure you’re thinking what could possibly be hard about leaving the house? Well let me tell you!

When you have to leave the house it’s never a spontaneous trip and if it is, you’re in your pajamas, your kids have no shoes on, and chances are someone isn’t wearing pants and you’re going through the drive thru just to get out of the house!

Step one

So you’re planning to leave the house to go to Target, like I said above you can’t just jump up and head over to the store. You have to prepare. If you don’t want to look like hot garbage you have to get ready, usually throwing some dry shampoo in your hair to hide the fact that you can’t remember the last time you showered. Then you have all the little people that you have to get ready to leave the house, depending on the age of the child that alone can be a big job! Get them dressed, do the hair, change the diapers, get them redressed, socks, brush teeth, oh and don’t forget to have them go pee because I can guarantee that while you are out your kids will need to pee. If they are like my sweet Mia they will have to pee and then 20 minutes later have to poop, it’s super convenient.

Dont forget the diaper bag, you will regret this more than any other life decision if you do! You need diapers, wipes, extra clothes, formula, bottles, snacks, more snacks, Advil (because you’ll probably get a headache from you’re bundles of joy), and all the extras for yourself!

Load em up!

So everyone is ready, your bag is packed and now you’re ready to get into the car. Get shoes on everyone, make sure you get ones that aren’t “too tight” or “not cool” because that is also a factor to having a successful trip. Alright load em up! Buckle everyone in their car seats, hop in the driver’s seat and take a deep breath because step one is over!

Step two

Now to brave the store, mentally prepare yourself to handle meltdowns, repeat “don’t touch that”, “where are you”, and “no you’re not getting a toy”! I know it sounds super fun, doesn’t it? You pull into the parking lot of the holy grail we call Target and start searching for a parking spot. You don’t want a spot too far but you also want one close to a cart return and a street light because who knows how long you’ll be in there and you don’t want to be walking in the dark! Finally after 15 minutes of lapping the parking lot you’ve found a spot! You hop out of the ready to take on the store with all of your munchkins, grab a cart and load the little kids in while you shout “stay by me” a million times to the older ones.

Step three

You have spent so much time working towards getting through those sliding glass doors that you will not let ANYTHING ruin your trip to Target! First things first, you hit up that dollar spot. Why? Because you will find so many glorious finds that will be $7 and under! If you plan on getting your kid something this is the place to get it!

Next stop is Starbucks, because you can’t just walk past Starbucks and not get a drink. The kids are going to ask if they can have a cake pop and you’ll say no and get them a water instead. I know so not fair, but life isn’t fair so get over it kid!

Now you are so happy because you’ve made it! You’re in the store and got like 10 things from the dollar spot and now have your coffee! Let’s keep exploring.

I don’t know about you but I love to walk the end caps, I find so many great things on sale and it makes it so much easier for me to justify the purchase if it’s not full price!

The challenges

Now not everything is all fun and games while your in the store. You will have to handle some tantrums because 3 year olds don’t always take well to being told no. Now how you handle the tantrums is everything.

My son Axel is the king of temper tantrums! He doesn’t care where we are, who’s watching or what the situation is. He will scream, cry, hit, and do everything in between.

Ignore the monster that your child has turned into. Continue on with your shopping trip and just act like you don’t hear anything. I know this sounds like a terrible idea because people will “judge” you. But the truth is, people more often judge on how the parents react rather than how a toddler is acting. If you are being judged chances are they don’t have kids and “their kids will never act like that”, I know it’s hilarious! Knowing that, ignore them. They will eventually stop and move on. You can’t stop your kid from acting out, it’s going to happen so just be ready.

You’ve now circled Target 2 times and can’t add another thing to your cart without feeling guilty so you head to check out. This part always seems the most challenging. The kids see the light at the end of the tunnel and fill it with stones! My kids always seem to act out the most toward the end of the trip. When those saints in red shirts pull out stickers I hear “ hallelujah “ playing, because for some reason a sticky piece of paper is amazing to kids.

It’s almost over with!

Now you’re loading up the car with kids and all the beautiful bags you just filled with your new treasures! Put the cart back and head home. Once you get home you get to unload everything and everyone. Kid by kid, bag by bag you finally get everyone in!

It’s probably dinner time now, so mom get to work! I know I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

So nonparent friends you see why going to the store is such an event?!

Let me know if your shopping trips are similar to mine, if not tell me your secrets!

6 Comments to “Mommy’s day out, with the kids”

  1. Courtney says:

    I only have 1 and mine are similar to yours. I give u props for doing it with 3. I know how hard it is and stressful. Usually going to store is relaxing but when you have kids it’s stressful..

    1. Angela says:

      It is a whole new ballgame going with kids! The best is when kidless people give you the look of death because your kids are acting like animals

  2. Mia says:

    You’re seriously such a super mom, I can’t imagine trying to do three things, when I can hardly keep my one from falling apart.

    Oh, and tantrums. “My kid would never…”

    1. Angela says:

      Thank you! It is so funny when you hear people say “my kids will never!” Like they know what it’s like to have kids lol!

  3. Dayna Polderdyke says:

    I love this!

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