More Than a Fun Show

I’m about to tell you guys about one of the best nights of my life! I know that sounds dramatic but read it and then come up with your own opinion.

So there are these two moms named Cat & Nat that are all over the internet, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Anyways, they are two moms who started making videos talking about the real stuff that goes on with being a mom. Literally everything you can think of they have talked about it. Well during Matt’s deployment they became my sanity. At 9:30 AM Monday through Friday I would watch them religiously on Facebook. August naps, Axel watches a movie, and Mia is at school, so it’s my time to just sit down and think “thank fricken god I am not alone!”

Cat & Nat became like friends to me who didn’t really know I existed. I know I sound crazy, but I’m okay with it! They started going on tour and doing what they call “The Fun Show” (you can check out all the info in the link above) and I was dying for them to come to San Diego. I told my girls Crystal, Robin, and Mia that we HAD to go and we HAVE to get VIP tickets! They fully supported my crazy and said okay. As soon as the tickets went on sale I ordered 4 VIP tickets to go see my friends Cat & Nat! I couldn’t contain my excitement and then the fun of planning began!

We decided to go get dinner and drinks before hand because us momma’s needed a night out! We went to Buca di Beppo downtown and then made our way to the Balboa Theatre. As we are walking down the street I see the tour bus and I already start to get nervous and even more excited!!! We walked up and there was their makeup artist who SLAYS their faces, like serious makeup artist goals! I of course started saying “oh my god I think that’s Hassan!” then he looked over and then I asked him for a picture. That was it, I was fricken ready to see these ladies and have the time of my life with my girls!

We walk in, get our VIP passes and head up the stairs to go meet Cat & Nat. While waiting in line I could hear their voices and I started to cry. To be fair I gave Crystal, Robin, and Mia a heads up that this could happen, I tend to make an ass of myself in these situations. So Robin says “Angela I don’t know what to do, I’ve never seen you like this”, Mia is standing there laughing at me and taking a video, and Crystal is yelling at me “Angela do not do this, do not make an ass of yourself!” I tried and I composed myself for all of two seconds before I met them and I lost it again. I walked up to Cat and Nat and they hugged me and told me how pretty I looked and I couldn’t speak. Crystal stepped in for me and told them why I was being such and idiot. “ Her husband just got back from deployment and you guys were the ones who made her days better. She watches you guys every day.” So then I said “I’m Angela Wood on Facebook and Hot Mess Nest on instagram” they responded with “YES, we chat all the time! You guys went for cocktails before coming here!” WAIT, WHAT!? They knew who I was!? I know I sound like a super fan, but I am so whatever! I then told them a secret that I had. I said “I did something a bit naughty” Nat responded with “ohhhh we love naughty, what did you do?” “Well we snuck in mini bottles of tequila to take a shot with you” then they whispered “okay, take it downstairs and we will do it then!” Why tequila? Well that’s their drink of choice (I told you I’m a super fan), and every show before they go out on stage they take a shot with their team and say “TO DREAMS, SCREAMS, AND IN BETWEENS!”

We go downstairs to the theatre for the q&a and everyone is chatting and asking them questions. Towards the end they asked if anyone else needed to take a picture with them. That was my opportunity, so I waved my hand in the air with the tequila bottles in it and Cat looks at me and says “go over there!” pointing to where there wasn’t any security. So I waited and then it happened, we took a shot together! & I said “to dreams, screams, and in betweens!” Nat said “OH MY GOD YOU KNOW IT!” Like yeah girl of course I do… you guys my night was made, I would of been happy with leaving after that but then it got even better.

The show was starting and DJ Gumby was killing it with the music. Crystal, Mia, Robin, & I were already having so much fun, dancing, singing, and not having to worry about the 8 children we were leaving behind at home! Cat & Nat come out, they talk about Mom truths, life, the good, the bad, the ugly, then they had strippers, more laughs, more dancing and then something completely amazing happened.

They do this thing called best friend stories. That is when a best friend sends in a quick video of saying why that person is your best friend, and the winners got best friend necklaces. They started playing quick clips from all of these ladies who sent in videos, it looked like the Brady bunch once the screen was full. Then the videos stopped and they said “if your best friend was on the screen, give them a hug because they love you and you are amazing. But we could only pick one video and here it is.” All the sudden I see Crystals face on the screen, and I blacked out. I was sobbing that I could mean so much to someone and that our story and friendship could speak to so many. They told us to come up on the stage, so we did. We were both crying and all of us were hugging. I was like falling to the ground because I was just so full of emotion and I felt so special and loved. Cat asked me if I was okay and I said “no” because I wasn’t. I was better than okay, it was a dream to be able to meet them let alone to have all of this happen. Nat said “I didn’t know that video was about you!?” Like she really knew who I was. I wasn’t just some sad, lonely mom who watched their Facebook lives, I was someone who mattered to them. And even more so I was someone who mattered to Crystal! We returned to our seats and we continued on with the fun! We had so many women come up to us and tell us how they related to our story and how touched they were. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, even their manager Kayla was crying backstage.

Crystal’s Best Friend Video

Isnt she amazing!? All of my friends are amazing, they get me, accept me, and love me for who I am. I’d say I’m the lucky one!

Once I got home I of course woke Matt up to tell him all about my night and ended it with “this was better than our wedding day” he smiled and said “I’m happy for you babe!” We looked through the pictures and I cried again. He laughed at me, like always.

It’s amazing how so many people go through these things like stillbirths, brca (breast cancer gene), miscarriages, kids, marriage, and life, but yet we can feel so alone. Cat and Nat take that feeling away for moms. They take that feeling of feeling like your crazy, or alone and smash it into the ground. You have a community, friends, and someone who gets it! For me it was so much more than a fun show. It was taking all of my fears, doubts, and anxiety about being a mom and saying “I am enough. I am a good mom. I am a good wife. I’m doing the best I can and that is all that matters!”

If you get the chance to go see them live you NEED to, it’s truly amazing what they have created. Until then watch them on Facebook and Instagram, you won’t regret it!

So Cat & Nat if you guys read this, thank you. Thank you for giving moms a safe space to feel everything that it is to be a mom.

5 Comments to “More Than a Fun Show”

  1. Robin says:

    Girl I just laughed and cried all over!!!! You DESERVED this!!!!

    1. Angela says:

      Thank you for being apart of it ♥️

  2. Dawn says:

    I laughed and cried when you told me about this and again when reading this. I am so happy you had such a great experience with some truly amazing friends. *side note* I showed dad a couple of Cat and Nat videos on YouTube and he was cracking up 🙂

  3. Domenica Johnson says:

    What an awesome experience!! I might say I’m a little jealous. Lol! Love you!!

  4. Renee Hantz says:

    I’m so happy for you that you finally got to experience this once in a lifetime chance.
    Crystal, your video brought tears to my eyes
    Ange…. once again you’re writing and the bit of humor you add makes me smile.
    I love you girl

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