My High School Sweetheart


The summer of 2009 and I was going into my sophomore year of high school, I met the love of my life and my future husband at 14 years old!

I was hanging out with my friend and she said that we need to go over to some guys house because his friend Mike wanted to hang out with her. I did not want to go, I literally tried everything to convince her to not go over there. But we went and it forever changed my life!

We walk inside Matt’s house and he was laying on the couch in his basement. If you know Matt you know that him laying down on a couch is pretty much the only way you see him inside a house! I saw him and I thought he was just the hottest thing to walk on this planet. He just seemed so cool, he was care-free, laidback, had a red convertible, he was older, and he was texting another girl while I was sitting right next to him! That’s right my wonderful husband was a bit of a player. High school Angela was spoiled and I knew exactly what I wanted, and obviously I got him!

That summer was amazing! We spent every waking moment together, even against my dad’s wishes. We were basically Romeo and Juliet, without the dying part. Matt was a junior, so looking back I get it, I would lock Mia up! But I was in love and didn’t care what anyone thought. That doesn’t mean my family made it easy for me. For the first few years of our relationship my brother would try to fight Matt any time he came over our house. Why you ask? Because he was the same age as my big brother. It was terrible and put a even bigger wedge between my brother and I. My dad didn’t approve for some time but I think he finally got the hint that I wasn’t giving up on this boy that I fell in love with!


Lets fast forward a bit, I was now a junior in high school and Matt was graduated! By now we have been through a lot for being so young. Matt was the legal guardian of his mentally ill mom and handling it like a boss, while working at McDonald’s and still being my boo thang. I was also working at McDonald’s and thinking my poop don’t stink! That all changed in May of that year. I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had my period.

You guessed it, I got pregnant at 16. That’s a story for another post, this one is about my lover boy!

Matt handled me getting pregnant surprisingly well, towards me anyways. He knew my stance on abortion and didn’t even suggest it. Matt supported me and my decision to have a baby at 16. Can you imagine the relationship he had with my dad and brother now? Yeah, it’s exactly how you would expect it to be!


We entered 2012 ready to welcome a baby into our lives. By my side Matt and I figured out what we needed to do to be teen parents. Life was hard with everything that was thrown at us, but we continued to stand by each other and figure it out together. We crushed that first year of parenthood, with the help of my amazing parents! I graduated high school with a baby on my hip. I started cosmetology school and Matt was more than willing to support me and come into the school to be my dummy.

Although we did great as a team we realized that we couldn’t live with my parents forever and we need to figure something out!


This year was crucial for us, I was still in cosmetology school and Matt was working a lot and going to school full time! Matt wanted to be able to support his new family so much that he was willing to do anything for us.

The idea of joining the military came up, I was not okay with it. The idea grew on me and we started talking to a recruiter to see what his options were. We were told if you want to join you either have to get married or Matt loses custody of Mia. Wow, we couldn’t believe that those were the only options. Being an 18 year old girl I have dreamed of the day I got married, who hasn’t?! We talked about it a lot and agreed getting married was the best option for us.

We talked to my parents and they hated the idea, first this kid gets their baby pregnant and now he wants to marry her and move her away from her family! When Matt asked my dad for my hand, my dad told him how hard it is to deal with me. Matt agreed, but was determined to take care of his child and his wife.

We got married on April 19th 2013 in the courthouse, it was the happiest day of my life besides the birth of my sweet Mia! A few weeks later Matt joined the Navy.

Mia was almost 2 and I wanted more babies! We agreed to get pregnant before he left for boot camp so we could make sure he was home for the birth of our baby. Well we got pregnant and found out a week after my 19th birthday!

November came and Matt left for boot camp. Not knowing what was in store for us we were doing this thing!

Now we’re here!

Jump forward 3 years, 3 more pregnancies, 2 duty stations, and countless separations we are in a great place! It’s been eventful, hard, happy, sad, and everything in between but it’s been amazing.

I can honestly say that I love my husband more now than I did when I first laid eyes on him. I feel so lucky to have found my soul mate at 14! I love waking up every morning knowing that I have someone who supports me, cares for me, grounds me, and loves me for exactly who I am.

5 Comments to “My High School Sweetheart”

  1. Dawn says:

    Ahem, no mention of your mother’s undying support and standing up for you against dad? Lol just kidding, not really After all that happened dad will tell you he cannot imagine life any other way. You are wise beyond your years honey and the exception to the rule when it comes to teenage girls. Your stubborn determination (and yes love) is why you are not just another statistic and have built the life you have! ❤

  2. Clair says:

    What a love story!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Angela says:

      Thank you for reading!

  3. Renee says:

    Getting that call from your dad is a day I’ll never forget. But yet not having those babies in our lives is unthinkable

    1. Angela says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

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