Potty Training!

Oh the joys of potty training!

There is nothing like not having to buy diapers, but that also comes with a lot of work. When your toddler is in diapers you don’t have to worry about going in public, dreaded accidents, if your kid is going to pee on your friends couch or floor, or going for a car ride. Yes these are all real things and can be stressful, but once your past the stage of “training” it’s a walk in the park!

Lets start by saying potty training a girl vs a boy are completely different! First of all they have different parts and a boy doesn’t get how to “control” his parts right away so it gets messy! Girls you have to worry about the way they wipe, front to back always!

When I first tried to train Mia at 20 months, she had little interest in it. I didn’t do much research at first, I thought I could just buy a little princess toilet and it would be all good. Boy was I wrong!! This kid would sit and sit on the potty and then was over it. So I decided to let it go for a little and just let her be.

When she was 2 I decided to try again. This time I did some research and I came across something called the 3 day potty training boot camp! I was reading about it and thought this lady has to be crazy, no way it’s going to work! I lived with my parents at the time while Matt was in one of his many Navy schools. My mom went to the dollar store and stocked up on a bunch of little knick-knacks that a 2 year old would love, this wasn’t part of the boot camp but it helped a lot! We decided if she peed she got a piece of candy and if she pooped she could have a toy, and man did she want a toy!

Onto how this crazy boot camp works!

First throw out all the diapers. Don’t give yourself a way out of doing it. You talk to your soon-to-be big kid and tell them how they are a big kid now and don’t need diapers anymore! I know it sounds super scary but if you have a crutch like diapers or pull-ups it won’t work. Trust me, tricking them into thinking a pull-up is underwear doesn’t work  axel saw right through me.

Put them in underwear. You can include them on this process too. Take them to the store and have them pick out big kid underwear with their favorite character on it. They will be wearing these undies day and night so I would stock up a little.

Lots and lots of fluids, it doesn’t matter what they are drinking as long as they are drinking something. A side note, you are going to want to stop all liquids 1-2 hours before bed time and nap time, remember they aren’t going to be able to wear a diaper or pull-up so for your sake stop the liquids! You can even make it extra fun for them and give the Little’s popsicles or milkshakes, whatever works for you.

Kids love to feel like they are in control. You have an idea and it’s terrible, they say the same thing and it’s the best idea ever. So when you repeatedly ask them “do you have to go potty?!” They are over it and you and want nothing to do with it. Instead you want to say to them “make sure you tell mommy or daddy when you have to go”, your still going to say this over and over again but the change in wording makes them feel important and that they are making the decision to go.

When your toddler has an accident, which they will, take them to the potty! Pick them up and run them into the bathroom. Even if they are only putting a drop into the potty, it reminds them that this is where pee and poop go. Don’t get mad if they have an accident, think about it. We have been saying for their whole life that it’s okay to go in their pants and now all the sudden you want them to do what where?! So instead say “uh oh, make sure you tell mommy or daddy when you have to go potty!” I know it sounds like I totally got it together, right? Nope, I don’t. It’s a changelle to be patient when you are constantly cleaning up bodily fluids off of the floor and your kid. But you have to keep your cool, if you show your frustrated it will transfer to your toddler and they will be more resistant.

Remember how I said boys and girls are so different when it comes to potty training? Here’s a big decision to make. Is your little boy going to stand or sit when they pee? Before you jump into an answer let me tell you this. He will pee everywhere, he is now learning you have to hold on and aim. It’s a foreign concept to them and it might take some time for them to understand it. Whether they sit or stand they will have to learn to aim but with sitting there is less of a chance to make a mess. If I could go back I would have Axel sit, we still struggle sometimes with him overshooting and peeing behind the toilet. Or on the toilet if he waited to long before going. He saw Daddy pee standing up and insisted that he stands too. So whatever you chose for your little boy, make sure dad is on board too. A positive to standing up is when your in public you don’t have to worry about them touching those super gross toilets.

Get them into a routine. When you wake up, you go potty. Before bed, go potty. Leaving the house? Go potty! It’s important to do this from the start so that way when they are potty trained and think they are big stuff they will go to the bathroom without an issue, and hopefully won’t have to go while you’re out in public.

Tips to make it easier on Mom and Dad!

Double up on sheets, use a mattress protector then sheet, then protector and another sheet. This makes night time clean up a lot easier. So instead of having to do a full change in sheets you can just rip off the first layers and then deal with the mess in the morning. For three days you need to be home, don’t leave the house. You need to stay close by and keep them in the same room as you as much as you can. Other than bedtime of course! Keep them in just a T-shirt and underwear, that way you can see if they had an accident. Also you won’t have to deal with those pesky pants! Keep the cleaning products near by, you will need them!

Do not give up! It’s going to probably suck day one and possibly two but if you stick it out your kid will be wiping their own butt before you know it. If you feel that they are to young or you haven’t followed what I said, stop for a couple of weeks and try it again!

Here are some of my favorite potty training tools, keep it fun for your little’s and a little less painful for you!


This potty is what we used for Axel and it was perfect! It was simple, cute, and easy to clean.  Also the front was high enough that if he didn’t aim perfectly it still went into the potty and not the floor! It’s $12 on amazon and worth it, you don’t need some fancy looking potty for you to get rid of months later.

contigo water bottle

I love love love these cups! They are perfect for potty training because they are easy to work, spill proof and can be used for years to come! They come in tons of different colors and designs and are seriously my favorite, they are $10 on amazon.

cars underwear

Frozen underwear

These underwear are cute and they are durable! Both the Cars and Frozen underwear run for about $11 on Amazon. Of course pick your kids favorite characters, but these both are great and “comfy” as my Little’s would say.

I hope you feel a little bit more prepared and ready to take on potty training! Good luck parents and prepare to get messy!

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  1. Lindsay pociecha says:

    So not looking forward to potty training! Hoping Robbie will be an easy kid as he is now.

    1. Angela says:

      I hope he is too!

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