School Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if your like me you had one of those “oh crap!” moments! I always forget to get the class valentines or any other holiday treats. It’s not like the early 2000’s anymore, these kids expect full on goodie bags! Well if you want to look like you got it together and didn’t wait until the week of, I have a idea for you! Of course I scrolled through Pinterest to see what I could find that would be quick and easy. Well everything includes a printer and a ton of crafting, and I’m not doing that. So we head to Target!

I come across these cute little notepads and remember one of those Pinterest ideas. I head to Amazon and order a 48 pack of crayons. I then told Mia to pick out her favorite valentine and she picked the Despicable Me valentines. I grabbed a few packs of goodie bags and we were out of there!

When it was time to put the goodies in the bags, I grabbed these sour straws we had left over from Mia’s birthday goodie bags. I’m telling you, goodie bags for everything! Along with curling ribbon I found with our gift bags. Get your kids involved, have them write their name on each of the bags and start stuffing!  Here’s my final result! Valentine’s Day goodie bags made easy!

Now you will look like you got it all together without all the effort!

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